From uploading to delivery,

we are with you every step of the way, and we guarantee it all.

Upload & integrate your products

The first step is to get your products to the Bizuma Secure Platform. Remember, we are a private platform, only verified & vetted suppliers and buyers are allowed to view products. Upload directly to the interface, in bulk with a csv file or via the Bizuma API. We have a team of developers ready to assist you with enterprise level integration. Struggling to upload, just submit a ticket and we will do it for you.

Buy or sell, Bizuma makes it easy to find what you want

A fast, simple interface with advanced search and suggest algorithms make it easy to search and buy, or market and sell products. The integrated Large Quantity Order functionality gives you access to thousands of sellers to get the stock you need. Our team can help with shipping, customs, negotiating for large quantity discounts or even to help you find products that are doing well in your region.

Complete Anonymity through the Bizuma Rule creator

Our clients vary from large brands to small startups and we know that each client has different requirements. That's why we wanted you to have control over which country or regions your products are sold, the minimum quantity, RRP, delivery options, which certifications buyers must carry and much much more. You can even use blackout mode, which allows your products only to be shown to buyers approved by you. You can't ask for much more control than that!