Bizuma Secure Platform

  • Source millions of products from verified & vetted suppliers.
  • Sell to prime buyers in over 50 countries on our private platform.
  • Exclusive Deals from manufacturers.
  • Complete control over who you sell to, at what price, RRP control, restrict product lines in certain countries and much more.
  • Blackout mode, your products are not visible on the private platform, you choose select buyers you want to work with.
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Bizuma Global Tender

  • Tender as a service
  • Project Manager to help you source from the millions of products on our system.
  • Procurement Professional working on your project if required.
  • Full RFPs/RFQ specification. Negotiating with verified & vetted suppliers.
  • Bizuma Global Tender gives you the ability to offer much more variety for your clients.
  • Hotel projects, Construction, Government contracts, Apartments, Interior Designers and much more.
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Bizuma Market Share

  • Diversification as a service
  • Grab market share by moving into new product lines in a fraction of the time and cost required.
  • Full bespoke software platform that can integrate into any existing platform.
  • Leverage the millions of products from verified and vetted suppliers on our platform.
  • Full access to our shipping platform, inventory management, customer management portal, reporting and much more.
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Frequently asked questions

Our servers are located in Amazon’s AWS data centers. You can find more information on AWS here.
When a purchase is made, the funds are secured by Bizuma. Bizuma will only release funds to sellers once the order has been delivered and both parties are satisfied.
Bizuma is completely free. You can upload and browse unlimited products with unlimited user accounts. We offer a paid plan that includes advertising campaigns within our extensive Pay-Per-Click Partner Advertising Networks.
We accept all major debit and credit cards as well as wire transfers.
Simple, there’s absolutely no additional charge for users on the same account.