From uploading
to delivery,

we are with you every step of the way, and we guarantee it all.

Upload & integrate your products

The first step is to get your products in the marketplace. We make it easy to get it done with single, bulk and automatic email upload functionality.

We have a team of developers and technical resources to assist you with enterprise level integration.

Buy or sell, Bizuma makes it easy to get what you want

A fast, simple interface with advanced search and suggest algorythms makes it easy find and purchase, or market and sell products.

The integrated Large Quantity Order functionality gives you access to thousands of sellers to get the stock you need even if it’s not currently in stock.

Manage rules, products & orders

You have control over where your products are sold, the minimum quantity and what delivery options you offer.

The Bizuma dashboard gives you a complete overview of activity and makes it easy to track and manage orders in one easy-to-use interface.